Underwater Photography

Mark Brill has been photographing the underwater environment - marine life, wrecks and people - for nearly fifteen years. He has photographed around the world, with a particular interest in wrecks, cold water and deep underwater photography.

His work have been regularly published in magazines, newspapers and books both in the UK and abroad. Whether you are looking at pictures for editorial, stock photos or you are just browsing, please feel free to look around the site. If you have any questions about underwater photography please email:

If you are interested in learning to dive (and you are in central London), Mark teaches with Holborn Divers.

  All images on this website are © Mark Brill. Please do not reproduce without permission. No really, please ask first. It's very uncool not to ask. I've made it easy by linking to my email address here. It takes alot of time, energy and occasionally risk to life and limb to take these photographs, so it's simply polite to get permission. If you're a non-commercial organisation then I may let you use the images for free. If you are a commercial organisation then you will need to pay a fee. That's business! After all, you are paid to do your job, so why shouldn't I?